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inbyko designs your interiors

We interior designers have a feeling for design.

Our job at inbyko interior design and furnishing consultancy is to create added value for people in the space. We want to create places that meet needs, cover functions and convey feelings.

Fast support with setup and planning questions.

Our goal is to make a beautiful home accessible to everyone.

We at inbyko interior design and furnishing advice are your contact for all questions about interior design, furnishings and colors of living spaces. We provide you with quick and uncomplicated support with design and technical furnishing and planning questions relating to your home or your project.

inbyko interior design and furnishing consultancy Basel

Investing in our advice is cheaper than buying furniture without a plan.

We at inbyko are out and about in buildings and rooms every day. We focus on the room and its users, its fittings and

Functions, furniture and colours. What we are increasingly noticing are unnecessary investments in fittings and furniture that are far removed from function and design. Purchases and complete conversions that are agreed without a concept and without coordination with the existing building or the adjacent elements. Projects that are implemented in living and working environments without an overall concept. Projects that cause a lot of energy and costs and do not generate any added value for the people who use them. Living spaces that exist purely for their function and have no demands on design, harmony and comfort.

That's over.

We offer support in small decision-making questions and large renovation projects.

You can consult us for individual interior design, furniture or color questions, or simply have us by your side to support your project. We guarantee that you will not only save a lot of energy and money, but you will also reach your goal faster and be more satisfied with the result in the long term and in the long term.

Your team from inbyko


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