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Product Design Basel

Our goal is to plan and implement high-quality interior design, to support you with interior design questions and to design product design, designer furniture and home accessories. We want to offer added value for the people in the room and do this under the motto Designer Basel and Swiss Designer. In doing so, we rely on the strengths of Swiss designers in creativity, precision and craftsmanship. We love developing product design, interior design and home accessories. As designers, we have been able to assert ourselves on various national and international platforms with our Swiss design and Swissmade and inspire a wide audience of designers and customers. With our designer furniture and home accessories, we want to make everyday tasks easier, more beautiful and thus inspire our customers.

Space and living, inbyko product design
Space and Living Swiss Designer Basel
Product design Basel by inbyko, the designers from Basel
The ideal home and inbyko interior design
Remodeling + Renovation and inbyko interior design
Product design by inbyko the Swiss designers

The dishcloth holder
an excellent product design

The dishcloth holder by inbyko, the Swiss designer, was named "Winner Innovative Interior" by the Iconic Awards in 2022. Iconic Awards, Innovative Interior, organized by the German Design Council, honor the latest trends and the best products in the interior industry. The broad spectrum of categories guarantees a holistic approach: furniture and lighting, home textiles, outdoor or bathroom products form a comprehensive overall picture. The focus is on the spirit of the times, comfort of use and individuality, as well as the selection of materials, sustainability and innovative solutions. The Iconic Awards, Innovative Interior, thus form the cross-industry platform for all companies in product design and the furnishing industry in Europe. We are particularly proud to receive such an international award as Designer Basel with our product design, the dishcloth holder. This makes our dishcloth holder internationally known and yet still Swissmade.

Product design Basel and Swiss designer inbyko
iconic award winner - inbyko
Designer Switzerland and product design Basel by inbyko
Mis Magazine, Product Design Basel by inbyko
Designer Switzerland with product design from Basel by inbyko
Deutsche Bauzeitung and inbyko interior design
Product design Basel by inbyko

Future Forward Winner

Product Design Basel

Blickfang is a trade fair for designers who present and sell their product design to a large audience interested in design. As part of the trade fair, a pioneering designer is honored for his or her achievements in the field of interior design and home accessories. At the 2020 trade fair, we received the Future Forward 2020 winner award for our Swiss furniture design. We are very proud to have inspired the recognized designers in the furniture industry and, above all, the public with our sideboard. In doing so, we are making a statement for Swiss designers, Designer Basel and Product Design Basel.

inbyko the Swiss designers and product designers
Swiss designers, interior design, home accessories and designer furniture 
Sustainable Swiss design and designer furniture from inbyko
inbyko - Swiss designers, furnishings, home accessories and designer furniture 
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