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Interior design and office concepts for Basel

Planning and implementing interior spaces in terms of design and functionality.

We develop new, functional and innovative interiors for you, your family or your team.

We combine your needs with design and aesthetics.

We support you with our expertise and communicate openly with you.

We can give you the best advice on conversions and renovations in Basel.

We support you with ideas to implement your project in an economically interesting way.

Live and work more beautifully with targeted interventions.

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What makes an inbyko interior designer unique?

Our responsibility as interior designers is to plan and implement the interiors of buildings in a creative and functional way. We pay attention to cost-effectiveness, ecology, functionality and aesthetics. When planning, we focus primarily on the needs of the users and build the project on this basis. Passion and creativity are our most important qualities as interior designers. With our holistic perspective and broad specialist knowledge of interior design, design elements, furniture, materials and colors, we will successfully accompany you to your goal.


Your interior designers from inbyko

interior design Basel
Interior design and office planning Basel
Interior design and renovation concepts Basel

CAD plan and colour concepts

Together we will develop an interior design concept tailored to your needs in Basel and the surrounding area. Together and as a partner, we can accompany you through all phases from the initial idea to conceptual planning and implementation. We will help you to implement your interior design project in the best possible way, whether it is converting apartments, renovating or creating an agile workplace design for offices and workspace areas.

We share our ideas with you. We can design color concepts for you, choose furniture and surfaces for you, or let us draw your plans in CAD and create visualizations. Live more beautifully at home with inbyko.

This isthe fastest wayto receiveyour interior designrequest .

Office concepts and office furnishings

Activity-oriented working is a modern approach to office design and work culture that aims to create flexible and dynamic office concepts. Modern office concepts focus on offering employees a variety of work areas and environments within varied working environments.

In an activity-based workplace design, employees are encouraged to choose the space and location that is most suitable for their specific tasks or activities. These spaces can include open workstations, private offices or meeting rooms, collaboration areas, quiet zones, lounges, or even outdoor areas. Office planning and office design of these spaces often includes elements such as movable furniture, adjustable desks, and a technological infrastructure that supports seamless communication .

Office planning Basel

Providing working environments that cater to different activities and work styles is the core goal of inbyko’s office planning and workplace design.

Office concepts Basel

The benefits of activity-based working include higher employee satisfaction, better collaboration and communication, increased creativity and innovation, and more efficient use of office space and office equipment. However, it is important to note that successful office planning and workplace design requires careful planning, effective change management, and senior management support to ensure a smooth transition and adaptation to the new work culture.

activity-based working

Office furniture for working environments

Flexibility: Provide employees with different areas depending on the task, which can be selected and used individually. For example, a quiet and closed area for concentrated work or a communal zone for team projects can be chosen.

Mobility: Modern working environmentsplace value on mobility and allow employees to move freely within the work area and choose the location that is most suitable for their work. This flexibility promotes collaboration and interaction between colleagues and automatically supports exchange between them.

Technology-enabled: Flexibility is supported with technology to ensure seamless communication and collaboration. This includes equipping employees with laptops, mobile devices and access to online platforms and communication tools. Every work area and location should have internet access and presentation capabilities.

Collaboration:A well-designed office concept promotes teamwork and collaboration by providing dedicated spaces for group work, brainstorming sessions and informal discussions.

Focus on well-being: Sophisticated working environments often include elements that promote the well-being of employees, such as natural light, ergonomic furniture and spaces for relaxation or exercise. When planning offices and designing workplaces, particular focus is placed on the people in the room.

Office furniture

Remodeling existing buildings, our most important task as interior designers.

Our strength lies in remodeling and refreshing existing buildings. A lot can be achieved with just a few targeted interventions, without incurring major renovation costs.

Due to the different lifespans of the components - buildings 100 years, interior fittings 15 years - the importance of dealing responsibly with existing structures becomes obvious. A wide variety of interior design concepts can be used for renovations. From radical conversions to sensitive refreshment or conversion, everything is possible. Due to the building task and the external circumstances, dealing with the existing structure requires planning. Because the existing building structure not only brings with it structural restrictions, it is above all the existing spatial specifications that must be brought into line with the new usage requirements. This creates completely new spatial dimensions that combine their charm with the combination of existing structures and new functions and make them popular. With every conversion and reinterpretation, the change to the existing structure depends on the compatibility of the substance and the new use. In some interior design projects, the content-related transformation consists in overlaying the new use with the existing structure. In this way, former industrial buildings can be deliberately transformed into modern apartments, studios and restaurants. The structural interventions and measures in materiality and design are clearly visible. While the identity of the existing building, the high factory halls, large windows and supporting columns, are permanently preserved as part of the staging. The main thing is the continued use and preservation of the good and durable sub-base, which is what we as interior designers strive for every day.

Interior design Basel, drawing plans in CAD
Beautiful living through renovation

Download: How we work

How we work as interior designers , what an interior designer costs and how we structure a successful project? You can find the overview with all the information here as a PDF to download .

Interior design Basel
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