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Interior construction Basel

imposing and impressive

Planning and implementing interior spaces technically, functionally and aesthetically.

We develop tailor-made, well thought-out and exclusive interior construction and carpentry solutions.

We combine your needs with design and aesthetics

We can provide you with excellent advice on unique and complex projects in Basel.

We support you with interior construction planning to implement your project in an economical and visually interesting way.

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What makes inbyko’s interior construction unique?

The interior construction of buildings and interior spaces is the ultimate challenge of interior design and our specialty. Thanks to our holistic perspective, we can optimally combine constructions, dimensions and materials and plan accordingly. With our team of qualified interior designers, carpenters and interior designers, we can bring together the skills and give you targeted advice and plan your project successfully and economically.


Your interior construction and carpentry Basel team from inbyko

Carpentry and joiner Basel

Kitchen planning
Kitchen renovation
Built-in closet
Dressing room
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Interior construction Basel
Carpentry Basel
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Built-in loft bed

Interior design and carpentry Basel
Interior construction Basel

Together and in partnership, we will design an interior construction concept for you that is defined according to your needs. We will accompany you through all planning phases. From the initial idea, through conceptual planning, submitting offers, comparing designs, to implementation.


We support you in implementing your interior construction project in a creative, functional and economical way. We are your partner for kitchen planning and kitchen renovation. We advise you on the planning of space-forming interior design elements and the perfect built-in cupboard. We design impressive reception desks and overall concepts that span the entire area. We develop exclusive, sophisticated and impressive interior constructions for Basel.

Carpentry Basel

When constructing, designing and planning, we rely on functional carpentry work that impresses with well-thought-out ideas, functions and aesthetics. We can provide you with the best possible support for all interior construction projects and guarantee that with us at your side, you will implement your interior construction project more quickly, get the most out of it in terms of design and functionality, and be more satisfied in the long term. We are your partner when it comes to converting and modernizing interior construction solutions, renovating and changing carpentry work, kitchens, built-in cupboards and reception desks.

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Built-in wardrobe, loft bed, carpenter Basel

Interior design and construction Basel

Interior spaces can gain in impact, character and, above all, functionality through targeted interior construction.


Through conscious integration, taking into account the position in the room and its function, we are able to zone the room. In addition to the purely functional component of interior construction, such as kitchen planning, the perception and comfort of a room can change significantly due to the shape, construction, materials and the interaction of the interior construction with the existing interior.


Interior construction solutions can either be based on standard dimensions or designed individually according to requirements and local conditions and made by a carpenter or a joiner's workshop. The built-in cupboard is either installed in front of the wall or in the wall niches and thus merges with the building. In contrast, the room can be divided up and zoned with interior construction and elements placed freely in the room. In comparison to furniture, interior construction are not mobile, but firmly connected to the room and the building. Such as a fitted kitchen or a built-in cupboard. The big advantage of interior construction is that not only can the users and the room be taken into account, but they can also be implemented in a very space-saving manner and with specific solutions from the carpenter. The type of interior construction depends on the requirements. Fitted into unused niches, corners or stairwells, additional storage areas and storage spaces can be created. Built-in cupboards can, for example, be inserted as a doubling in front of a wall, for a walk-in closet or in room niches without affecting the spatial effect. Storage, shelving and dressing rooms can be integrated and visually blend in with the room.

Interior design Basel inbyko

In the living area, a built-in closet can serve as a room divider that can be used from one or both sides. As a multifunctional element, a well-thought-out interior construction enables a geometric solution for multiple uses such as a table, bed or storage space, which can be activated by intelligent mechanisms.

Function, design and effect

The aesthetics of the interior construction, the carpentry work and its effect on the geometry of a room depends on the surface of the components visible from the outside.

The choice of surface and color determines whether the interior construction fits visually into a room or whether it determines its effect. This is particularly true for shop fitting, catering or exhibition rooms. In areas where a room atmosphere is to be deliberately staged, unusual interior construction elements are used. Since the interior construction is not only used functionally here, but also as a means of design expression, unusual materials and colors are used in addition to complex geometries. In addition to the very important planning component, we work with suppliers and selected carpenters in Basel. Only through close cooperation with our partners can we meet the high quality standards and guarantee the desired flexibility. We are committed to sustainable carpenters in Basel and produce carpentry work fairly in the Basel carpentry shop.

Your interior construction and carpentry Basel team from inbyko


Download: How we work

How we work as planners and carpenters in interior construction , what interior construction costs and how we structure a successful project? You can find the overview with all the information here as a PDF to download .

Interior design Basel
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