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Vectorworks course Basel

Do you need Vectorworks training for your Vectorworks student version for your studies?

Simple , quick and uncomplicated support with a private CAD Vectorworks course or CAD training.

Vectorworks course, Vectorworks help or just learn Vectorworks?

We work with Vectorworks and know how "Vector works"

and support you at home, in the office or directly via Team Viewer.

Vectorworks CAD course Basel - inbyko

Vectorworks courses and lessons
for beginners



Vectorworks lessons and CAD training
for students and learners

Learn the first steps in the CAD course for Vectorworks quickly, easily and effectively.

We offer you cost-effective and flexible support for the introduction and first steps with your Vectorworks student version. Or do you already know the basics and need a CAD course that builds on them, a Vectorworks course, a few inputs, or do you have specific questions and are looking for Vectorworks help? Then you have come to the right place. We work with it every day and know the challenges.

Have you changed your job and will be working with Vectorworks again?

We will get you to a level where you can confidently find your way around the new work environment in the shortest possible time. We will also be available to answer any further questions you may have.

Download here:


Private 1:1 Vectorworks course, no group course

Perfect for students and beginners

Individual Vectorworks training and CAD course

At home, in the office or via Team Viewer

Learn Vectorworks at your pace and according to your needs andgoals


CHF 90.- /h

Apprentices and students 50.- /h

CAD Vectorworks Training Leader:

Florian Zelenka, inbyko interior design

8 years CAD Vectorworks experience

You need:

Computer / Mac with Vectorworks / Vectorworks Student version installed

Internet connection


Vectorworks Course Lessons

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Vectorworks Course Basel by inbyko

Vectorworks Student Version

Free for all students and learners
Vectorworks Carpenters and Interior Designers

Are you looking for a CAD drawing program for your computer or Mac? Then we recommend Vectorworks. We at inbyko work with it every day and are convinced of it. The possibilities are unlimited. Create drafts, draw plans, visualize views, but also draw and design business cards, flyers and brochures. Are you a carpenter, interior designer or interior architect? Then it is worth taking a closer look at Vectorworks, taking a CAD Vectorworks course or CAD training with us and learning Vectorworks to convince people with it.


Are you still at school, training to be a carpenter or structural draftsman? Are you studying to be an interior designer or planner? Then you can download the current Vectorworks student version for free, use it to its full extent and learn Vectorworks. We will give you Vectorworks help and Vectorworks training while you learn Vectorworks.

What is Vectorworks?

Why learn Vectorworks?

Vectorworks is a professional CAD software (Computer-Aided Design) for use on computers and Macs. It is developed by Vectorworks Inc. and enables carpenters, interior designers, designers and other professionals to create precise 2D and 3D drawings, as well as model and visualize products and buildings. Vectorworks offers a variety of tools and functions to support the planning and design process and facilitate communication. The software is widely used in various industries, including architecture, landscape architecture, interior design and stage design, and is used worldwide.


Vectorworks training inbyko Basel

How we use Vectorworks

Design planning: We use Vectorworks to create detailed 2D drawings to plan floor plans, room layouts and room proportions. We can accurately position walls, doors, windows and other architectural elements and display and visualize them to scale.

3D modeling and visualization: Vectorworks allows us interior designers to visualize the designs in impressive 3D models. We can add materials, finishes, furniture and lighting elements to create realistic interior views. These visualizations help us illustrate the final look of the space and present it to clients.

Color and material selection: Vectorworks allows us to select colors, materials and finishes for walls, floors, ceilings and furniture and incorporate them into their designs. This allows us to apply different options and present different design possibilities to the client.

Furniture and interior design planning: We can use Vectorworks to integrate furniture and furnishings into our designs. We can optimize the placement of furniture to use the space efficiently and enable pleasant room design and utilization.

Media design: We design all of our business cards, flyers, brochures, stickers and one-pagers in Vectorworks. The functions enable us to design and print all imaginable layouts, colors and patterns in all paper sizes.

Your CAD training team from inbyko

CAD course Basel
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