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Dishcloth holder

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The solution for all washcloths and dishcloths. The dishcloth holder, cloth holder and rag holder from inbyko.

Dishcloth holder from inbyko

We present the beautiful and hygienic solution for the dishcloth andwashclothin the kitchen.

Where do I hang the dishcloth?

The elegant dishcloth holder holds the dishcloth and washcloth, keeps the kitchen tidy and is Swiss made. Minimalist, modern and high-quality, the Swiss product is available in stainless steel, black, chrome or gold.
The practical dishcloth holder is a small kitchen helper and sink organizer that - once in use - no one wants to be without in everyday life. The stylish stainless steel dishcloth holder impresses with its high level of utility and minimalist design for more order in the kitchen - order directly online.

Kitchen faucets and kitchen accessories

The elegant dishcloth holder is available in stainless steel, black, chrome and gold. Depending on the color of the kitchen fittings, the cloth holder matches any modern kitchen furniture, kitchen island, kitchen unit and kitchen worktop. Whether classic or modern - the Swiss product harmonizes with understated kitchen worktops as well as with eye-catching kitchen fittings. The material is corrosion-resistant stainless steel, high quality and easy to clean, Swiss made. Anyone who chooses this high-quality dishcloth holder can enjoy it for a long time.

Where do washcloths hang in Switzerland?

We have the solution for all Swiss kitchens with the rag holder. In line with Swiss standards, the rag holder with the matching wash rag is available as a gift idea or for yourself. The dishwashing rag has finally found its place. Developed and manufactured in Switzerland - the wash rag holder. What the dishcloth and the dishcloth holder are in Germany, the wash rag and rag holder are in Switzerland.

Coordinated ideas for the kitchen

The aim of the well-designed cloth holder is to make life easier for professional and amateur chefs, as well as those who don't like cooking. It's no wonder that the dishcloth holder with its well-shaped exterior makes the hearts of design fans with beautiful washcloths beat faster. Regardless of how much time you spend in the kitchen, no one can do without a damp dishcloth, dishcloth and washcloth for cleaning and wiping up. They get in the way at the tap and in the sink. The cloth holder offers space for hanging and drying them, so that they are out of the way but still within reach. The dishcloth holder also has its charm in the bathroom. Washcloths and soft guest towels are eye-catching when hung up neatly and can dry well. If washcloths are lying around, they disrupt the order. Lovers of pretty things get their money's worth with the well-designed dishcloth holder and enjoy the order.

Dishcloth holder from inbyko

The dishcloth holder is a must-have for every washcloth. The Swiss product was developed by inbyko in Basel and is now 100% manufactured and sold in Switzerland under the Swissmade label.

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