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The dishcloth holder, cloth holder and rag holder, 100% Swissmade.

The dishcloth holder is real, we just made it up.

We asked ourselves the question: Isn't there a nice and hygienic solution for dishcloths in the kitchen? No, there wasn't one until then. So we invented a dishcloth holder. We use the cloth holder ourselves and have given it to all our friends. Everyone liked the dishcloth holder so much that it is still in use and we want to share the solution for dishcloths in the kitchen with everyone.

I hang the dishcloth over the dishcloth holder.

The practical dishcloth holder, also known as a cloth holder or rag holder, is a Swiss-made product that is known for its quality and reliability. The rag holder finally offers a neat storage option for your washcloths and dishcloths so that they have their place, dry well and don't smell. Thanks to the robust and durable construction of the stainless steel rag holder, we guarantee years of enjoyment when using the dishcloth holder. Order a dishcloth holder now and experience the design and functionality of the first-class Swiss product.

What does a good kitchen need?

The kitchen is the heart of every home.

Kitchen utensils, kitchen aids and kitchen accessories are important elements in every designer kitchen. Whether you are a professional chef or an occasional cook, a well-equipped kitchen is essential for preparing meals. Kitchen utensils such as knives, pans and pots are the foundation of every kitchen and make cooking much easier. Kitchen aids such as cutting boards, ladles and sieves make preparing and serving food easier. Kitchen accessories such as dishes, cutlery and glasses complete the overall experience and give your kitchen a stylish and modern look.

What characterizes a designer kitchen?

A designer kitchen offers not only functionality, but also style. With modern designs and high-quality materials, a designer kitchen can become a highlight of your home. Every designer kitchen is only as functional as the ideas behind it.

What are inbyko kitchen accessories?

We at inbyko have committed ourselves to the task of designing kitchen utensils and kitchen aids that do not yet exist. With the aim of creating added value that simplifies daily challenges. We are particularly careful to create our kitchen utensils, kitchen aids and kitchen accessories in a minimalist and reduced manner. Our kitchen accessories should fit into the kitchen and merge with it. And attract attention with a well-thought-out and exclusive appearance. Invest in high-quality kitchen utensils, kitchen accessories and kitchen accessories and make your kitchen a place that brings you joy.

Dishcloth holder stainless steel

  • 210 x 180 x 50mm (WxHxD) stainless steel

    excl. dishcloth

    Designed/Manufactured in Basel, Switzerland

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