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Einrichtungsberatung und Inneneinrichtungen Basel

Interior design and furnishing advice for Basel

Simple, quick and uncomplicated design support in furnishing questions.

Throughout our housing consultation, we focus on you, your needs and preferences.

We get the most out of your home - simply beautiful living.

We are independent and not interested in selling furniture.

Thanks to our years of experience, we are professionals in interior design.

Local office in Basel with a creative team of qualified interior designers.

We also support you on specific occasions or with small decision-making questions.


What makes inbyko’s interior furnishing advice unique?

We would be happy to support you at your home in Basel and the surrounding area with furnishing advice. You can send us a video of your home and tell us what you need help with. We will giveyou feedback on the best way to proceed. Do you have plansfor a single room ordo you need supportwith the interior design and decoration for your whole apartment? Or do you know someone who urgently needs professional furnishing advice or an interior designer? If you wish, we can take over the entire furnishing and decorating of your apartment for you. Or we can assist you with the selection of a piece of furniture or wall colorWe are happy to respond to your needs and living conditions. Everyone deserves tofeel comfortable in their home, to enjoy coming home and to invite their friends with a clear conscience. Simplylive more beautifully.

interior design and furnishing advice Basel

"Zeige uns wie du wohnst.

Wir zeigen dir wie du wohnen könntest."

Schöner Wohnen für dich und deine Familie.

Investing in our furnishing advice is cheaper than
buying furniture without a plan.

Do you only have a small budget and want to quickly find a "beautiful living" interior design solution with your existing furniture and furnishings? That is our strength! We will find exactly the right place for your furniture and decoration in your home. This way we can plan the interior design together without having to make major new purchases. Your interior with interior design in a completely new concept - you will be amazed at what you can get out of your home with us. We are committed to a beautiful and comfortable home for everyone and together we will find the right solution for you. Call us now, send us a video or arrange an appointment online at your home. We look forward to hearing from you.

Your interior design consultants from inbyko

Live more beautifully - inbyko interior design advice in Basel

"eingerichtet wohnen

sich zuhause wohlfühlen"

Rebecca Hell Leitung Innenarchitektur | stv. Geschäftsführerin

This is the quickest way to answer your furnishing questions.

Send us a video of your home via WhatsApp.

Tell us where you need support.

We will contact you and let you know how best to proceed to achieve your goal.

Interior Design Basel, living more beautifully at home

We would also like to help you with very specific questions that suddenly arise every day when shopping, designing and decorating interiors. What color should I choose for my new sofa? Which cushions go with it? Or which accessories can I use in my modern bathroom? Which wall color goes with the old furniture?Withthe aim of making your home more beautiful.

Housing advice and interior design advice for Basel

How we work as interior designers and structure a successful project.  

Our goal is to inspire you with living ideas and to design a home for you in which you feel comfortable and which meets your needs. We are your partners for the implementation of a successful furnishing project and would like to accompany you through every phase from the initial idea to implementation. For each project phase, partial commissioning or specific support is of course possible. Using our project guide - How we work, you can find out all the services we offer in advance. You can find out exactly what you can expect from us as an interior designer and what documents we will provide you with in which project phase. This way we can accompany you on this path in the best possible way. Even if you are not yet fully aware of the multitude of options in your home and are not sure exactly how it should work, we are there for you.

interior design, how to properly decorate a room

When designing interiors for a customer, the furnishing concept is the basis for collaboration. The concept for a living space is the first basis, with geometries, colors and shapes. We create this based on your needs, preferences and parameters of your apartment. We define the living areas, styles and make suggestions for interior design and furniture. Like a rough first draft with options and possibilities for your apartment.

During the planning phase, we begin with the precise design of each living area. We measure your rooms, check the surface of the walls and check the electrical connections. Based on the furnishing concept, the defined style and your feedback, we now begin planning. We provide the exact specifications for the design, dimensions, surface and colour of each product. With the implementation planning, we create the basis for everyone involved in the furnishing project. This means that furniture can be rearranged, new items ordered, tradesmen commissioned or remodeled.

We have a plan and a goal. Now it's time to coordinate the work and define deadlines. We check the delivery times for the furniture and talk to the tradesmen. We create a schedule and schedule for a structured process and an overview of the project. This way you can see what will be delivered and adjusted when and, most importantly, when we'll be finished. We accompany, coordinate and monitor the adjustments, deliveries and conversions on site. At the end, we place the decorations and accessories appropriately and stylishly, giving your home a homely character and rounding off the interior design. Finally, we walk through your newly furnished home, check all the living areas and ceremoniously hand them over to you.

Download: How we work

How we work as interior designers , what an interior designer costs and how we structure a successful furnishing design project? You can find the overview with all the information here as a PDF to download .

Interior design consulting Basel
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