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Kitchen accessories

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Exclusive kitchen utensils and kitchen accessories,functional design,high-quality workmanship.

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inbyko - Winner Iconic Award Innovative Interior.
Drip tray from inbyko

Kitchen utensils from inbyko

The innovative kitchen utensils and kitchen accessoriesfrom inbyko are well thought out and Swissmade from Basel.

Kitchen accessories as kitchen helpers

Kitchen accessories, kitchen accessories, kitchen utensils and kitchen helpers are indispensable helpers in every kitchen. They make preparing food easier and ensure order and cleanliness. A well-stocked set of kitchen utensils contains everything you need for cooking, baking and cleaning. From whisks and mixing spoons to spatulas and ladles to knives and cutting boards. High-quality kitchen accessories not only make work easier, but also extend the life of the kitchen utensils and the entire kitchen. Multifunctional kitchen helpers such as measuring cups or all-in-one cutters are also particularly practical. Another important kitchen accessory is food storage containers. They keep food fresh and prevent it from being wasted. Overall, kitchen accessories, kitchen accessories, kitchen utensils and kitchen helpers are indispensable for efficient and stress-free working in the kitchen. All of these kitchen accessories help to ensure that the kitchen is functional and daily work is made easier.

Drip tray from inbyko
Exclusive kitchen accessories

As functional as a kitchen wants to be, it should also be a beautiful and comfortable space to live in. Too much functionality often means the look suffers. Our goal and our kitchen accessories' goal is to unite needs, to design kitchen accessories that blend in with the kitchen and underline the kitchen's character.

With the dishcloth holder we combine appearance, design and functionality in the kitchen. This makes the kitchen helper indispensable for every designer kitchen. The kitchen utensil is of high quality and has a modern and elegant design. We don't just want to impress with the visual impression and design of the kitchen utensil.

Kitchen utensils and kitchen accessories

Depending on the color of the kitchen fittings, our kitchen accessories fit into any kitchen. Whether classic or modern - the kitchen utensil harmonizes perfectly with the existing kitchen accessories, such as the kitchen fitting and the sink. Anyone who chooses high-quality kitchen utensils from inbyko can enjoy them for a long time.

Kitchen utensils as favorite items

We want to create added value with all of our kitchen accessories and kitchen supplies and create favorite pieces. We are also proud to manufacture all of our kitchen accessories sustainably and fairly in Switzerland under the Swissmade label and to sell them from Basel. This is our contribution to people and our planet, to make every kitchen a little better and, above all, more beautiful with kitchen accessories, kitchen supplies, kitchen utensils and kitchen helpers. The perfect designer kitchen accessories for your kitchen from inbyko.

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