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Storage boxes and toolbox

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The toolbox and storage boxes from inbyko combine minimalism, material and functionality.

Toolbox by inbyko

The toolbox made of metal, sustainable and Swissmade.
The storage boxes and desk organizer without plastic for the office and home.

The design accessory, practical, well thought out

Keeping your desk tidy is no problem with the functional and stylish toolbox. Pens, scissors, glue, sticky tape and small items can be sorted and tidied in no time. The clever division of the toolbox into large and small compartments ensures clarity and a tidy interior of the storage boxes. The toolbox was designed by the design label inbyko in Basel and is manufactured in Switzerland under the Swissmade label. The aim when designing the storage box was to deliberately avoid using plastic. Well-known suppliers such as the toolbox from Vitra or the toolbox from Hay already offer these in plastic. In contrast, we rely on durable, lightweight and high-quality aluminum. In addition, the insert tray and the interior of the toolbox are completely removable and therefore functional and easy to clean. We have solved and reinterpreted the aesthetics, functionality and materialization differently. No wonder colleagues get jealous and also want one of the stylish toolboxes and desk organizers from inbyko.

Storage box and toolbox from inbyko

The toolbox from inbyko combines minimalism and functionality.

The modern storage box does without any superfluous elements. Why should it? The designers at inbyko have integrated everything it needs into the toolbox. The cream-colored handle for carrying it is eye-catching. This means that the Toolbx can be taken anywhere and is quickly stowed away. If you need more space at your workplace, you can simply banish the sturdy storage box and its contents to the nearest cupboard, the floor or the drawer of a rolling container. Conversely, dining tables, relaxation zones and outdoor areas in your own home can be transformed into well-equipped work spaces and temporary home offices in just a few moments with the toolbox. Agile working is on trend. If you change workplaces frequently with your team or have a meeting, you can easily take all your utensils with you in the storage box in addition to your laptop if necessary. If the storage box gets dirty, all the inner parts of the toolbox can be easily removed and cleaned.

The toolbox as a creativity booster

Organizing objects is one of many people's favorite activities, even at work. During phone calls and when thinking, things are sorted consciously and unconsciously. Tidying up and rearranging things brings order to confused thoughts and provides a boost to creativity. It's good to live out your natural instinct to play with the desk organizer. The chic toolbox made of coated aluminum plays its part in this. The cream-colored, flat pencil box of the toolbox can be removed at will. Small, creative gadgets can find a hiding place underneath, protected from prying eyes - a sophisticated desk organizer.

The storage box is a gift idea for onboarding

The toolbox is a creative gift idea for onboarding new employees. Welcoming them with the most important office items in the corporate design is considered good form among highly qualified specialists and managers. If you want to stand out from the crowd, the stylish storage box is a good choice. The detailed workmanship and the high-quality materials without plastic ensure that the storage box makes a high-quality first impression at first glance. The colorful toolbox is an original gift idea, especially in technical and creative professions. The practical desk organizer also scores points for being developed and produced in Switzerland in an environmentally friendly way as a Swiss design. This means it is on the same wavelength as modern and environmentally conscious Swiss companies and their employees.

Metal toolbox by inbyko
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