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The dishcloth holder in the most exclusive design, gold-plated in 24kt. 100% Swiss made.

The dishcloth holder for your designer kitchen

When finding a beautiful and hygienic solution for the dishcloth in the kitchen, we don't just want to deliver functionality. We also want to produce an exclusive and high-quality designer kitchen accessory. An object that convinces and impresses with its design, material and durability. So we invented a dishcloth holder in gold.

With the golden cloth holder we are making a statement for very select and exclusive kitchens and apartments. The dishcloth holder in gold goes well with black designer kitchens and dark kitchen fittings. The dishcloth holder also shows its full effect on white natural stone and very minimalist kitchens and cooking islands. Combine utility and design with a dishcloth holder that stands out and also shows its qualities.

Dishcloth holder gold 24 kt.

  • 210 x 180 x 50mm (WxHxD) stainless steel, coated in 24 carat gold

    excl. dishcloth

    Designed/Manufactured in Basel, Switzerland

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