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Small decision, big impact

We provide support in furnishing questions

Every day we make a large number of decisions.

Consciously and unconsciously, we rely on routines, processes and habits when making many decisions in order to get through everyday life with as little thought as possible. Without this filter, we would have to ask ourselves every time we brush our teeth which tooth we should start with or whether we should do it in the bathroom or the living room.

Support in furnishing questions

We always design our home the same way

It is striking that many of our customers make the same decisions over and over again when it comes to designing and maintaining their homes. Even if they have the opportunity to move, renovate or have children, they furnish their homes straight away, buy new dishes, move the plants around and do without curtains again.

Habits dominate the living style and the appreciation of one’s home and oneself.

What are the reasons for someone to reflect, change their habits or reorient themselves? In many cases, it is an event that takes place on an emotional level. You move in with your partner and she keeps a clean and tidy home? Then you will do everything you can to keep your home tidy and over time, you will automatically see this as the norm in your life. How well this mechanism works is always a question of conviction. How strong is the need to change something and to immerse yourself in it?

Wrong decisions due to lack of knowledge.

When we are faced with a decision and make it alone, we become old

Include patterns and habits. The same applies if you personally want to change something, but the other person doesn't. It is even worse to receive bad and incompetent advice. Or to be pushed into a purchase direction without considering you and your needs holistically.

Live more beautifully at home, furnish, remodel and decorate with inbyko

Making decisions together that work.

We would like to offer you that we are here for you.

Let's discuss all your questions about living, furnishing, remodeling and decorating together. We are your contact for your home in Basel. We can plan the renovation of your home together or simply give you tips on decorating your apartment. Even if you only have a question, for example about a wall color or need a good craftsman, you are welcome to contact us.

Your team from inbyko

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