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Your best performance every day

Show your best side every day?

If the environment is right - no problem.

We create the environment and conditions for your best performance.


You move the world every day, at least yours.

Physiology reflects your performance at work, in your family and in your everyday life.

Your home is the foundation of your success.

We create the environment in your home and office for your best performance every day.

Our performance in everyday life and at work is significantly influenced by our behavior. How we behave in different situations depends heavily on our thoughts. These thoughts, in turn, are closely linked to our feelings. Feelings are personal experiences of emotions that are based on physiological reactions.

Emotions, as reactions to external or internal stimuli, have their origin in our physiology. Sensory organs constantly receive stimuli that are transmitted by nerve cells to the brain. Here, hormones and neurotransmitters are released that lead to the various emotions.


The first step in this process is our physiology reacting to environmental stimuli. These reactions then manifest themselves in emotions. Emotions become personal feelings, which in turn influence our thoughts. Our thoughts ultimately determine how we behave. And this behavior ultimately influences our everyday performance in life and at work. Overall, it is a complex but interconnected process that shows how our physical reactions influence our actions and performance.

Feel comfortable at home.

The design of interior spaces and our homes plays a crucial role in our physiology and, consequently, in our daily performance in our everyday lives and at work.

Aspects such as lighting design influence our rhythm and can regulate our sleep-wake cycle, which in turn affects our energy levels and our performance. Natural light, where possible, is preferred as it can not only have a positive effect on mood, but can also help regulate our biological rhythm.


The color scheme of a room can also have an impact on our mood. Warm colors often create a cozy atmosphere, while cooler colors can be perceived as calming. The choice of colors can also affect visual comfort and thus affect our cognitive performance in the room.


Good ventilation and air quality are crucial to reduce pollutants and increase oxygen levels, which have a direct impact on our breathing and an indirect impact on our physical condition and performance.


Ergonomics in the design of furniture and workspaces plays a role in the comfort and health of the resident. Ergonomic furniture and layouts can help reduce muscle tension and improve posture, which in turn affects our daily performance.


Room acoustics influence the noise level and affect stress and concentration. Good acoustics can therefore have a direct influence on our cognitive performance in the room.


Room temperature plays a role in our well-being and can affect the body's energy consumption. An appropriate temperature can promote sleep and general productivity, thus affecting our performance in daily life.


Overall, the interior design highlights the close connection between our living and working environments and our physiology. A well-thought-out design can not only increase well-being, but also create the basis for improved performance in everyday life and at work.

Your interior design team from inbyko


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