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Stairs and access

Stringer staircase, wooden staircase or spiral staircase

We can give you the best advice when it comes to redesigning and remodeling your interior spaces with the right staircase shape, material and dimensions. We can also advise you on staircase restoration and staircase renovation.

The access to buildings through spiral staircases or modern staircases is an important part of interior design. The staircase serves primarily as a functional access to a higher or lower level. This functional area can be designed as a classic old building spiral staircase, as a straight staircase or a modern staircase made of wood, metal, stone or concrete. The levels to be connected with the staircase can be connected or separated with a staircase element. Depending on what the focus is in the interior design, a staircase element can be conspicuously staged and open up invitingly into the room. Materials, dimensions and light play a decisive role when planning a staircase. The staircase planning project can be approached in exactly the same way, with the aim of designing a new, independent character.

Straight wooden staircase Basel, planning of stringer stairs

Renovating wooden stairs

We design and plan stairs primarily as metal and wooden constructions. This allows us to optimally accommodate the existing spatial geometries, dimensions and design goals. The decision on the shape of the stairs is just as important as the right place for a spiral staircase or modern staircase. An existing staircase or staircase house can be renovated or completely redesigned with a few interventions and not only serve as a functional access, but also enhance the design of the entire interior. We are strongly committed to renovating and renovating stairs before something is completely replaced.

Wooden staircase Basel

Planning a modern staircase

When planning a staircase professionally, various technical and design factors are crucial. In our work, the following points must be defined and checked based on the existing room situation. We are happy to advise you and support you with all questions relating to your staircase project at home. We have experience in planning and implementing staircase constructions and can provide you with the best possible support and draw your attention to the important points.

Handrail Stairs Basel

- Level heights

- Width and length

- Number of steps / step ratio

- Construction and statics

- Materials and surfaces

- Daylight and lighting

- Handrail and safety

Plan and draw stairs

When planning a staircase, in addition to the general dimensions, detailed planning is very important. The most important requirement for a staircase is that it is comfortable to use and that you can reach your destination safely. The available fastening options on walls or supports give us information about the construction and statics of a wooden staircase.

You are not sure what a stringer staircase is? What is a stringer staircase? Or what they look like. Here we have some examples of commonly used staircase designs of stringer staircases and stringer staircases.

Staircase constructions and support types

The following three types of stair tread supports are common.

- Clamped staircase

- Holmen staircase

- Stringer staircase

Staircase house as stringer staircase or spiral staircase

Clamped staircase

The individual stair treads are connected to the wall construction and rest on the connection. A construction must be present on both sides.

Holmen staircase

The stair treads rest on stiles. The substructure of the treads, the stair stile, runs along the entire length of the stairs as a load-bearing structure. The stair stiles rest on the floor, walls or ceilings.

Stringer staircase

The stair treads are attached to the sides of the stair stringer along the entire length. The stair stringers rest on the floor, walls or ceilings.

The step ratio determines the number of steps

How do you calculate the tread of a staircase?

What is the tread of a staircase?

We have different parameters that we use to calculate the tread ratio. The following formula can be used as an average:

Tread ratio: 2x incline + 1x tread = approx. 63cm

Example: 17 + 17cm + 29cm. = 63cm

Staircase planning and stair step ratio

Tread ratio characteristics:

Public stairs: 15 x 33cm

Single-family house: 17 x 29cm

Steep stairs: 21 x 21cm

Modern staircase and staircase renovation Basel

Our services

  • Advice and conception with ideas for staircase planning

  • Showing types of stairs such as wooden stairs, spiral stairs, modern stairs, straight stairs, etc.

  • Showing possibilities for renovating or refurbishing stairs

  • Complete staircase planning with plans / details, costs and deadlines

  • Support during implementation

Drawing and planning stairs Basel

We are happy to support you with ideas for your new staircase. Based on your ideas, we can develop variants and show them to you so that you can use them to make decisions about your spiral staircase, wooden staircase or modern staircase.

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