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Remodeling and renovating - save 30% on costs

Consider these 8 tips when remodeling and renovating your apartment.

And find your suitable property, apartment or office space

with the aim of saving investment and construction costs and reducing maintenance costs over the next 15 years.

Here we have summarized our recommendations for you:

Choosing the right property and its size, be it for a house, apartment or office space, depends on various factors and requires careful consideration. Here are some steps that can help you make a decision and influence the remodeling and renovation and associated construction costs:

Remodeling and renovation in Basel

Set a budget: The first and most important factor in choosing the right property is your budget. Think carefully about how much money you have available and can spend on rent or purchase each month and stick to this budget. One part includes the purchase of the property and the second part, the investment in conversions and renovations. Consider a reserve for unforeseen construction costs or to bridge the current rent.

Building type and living style: How do you want to live, work and live? What should your interior design look like? Old building with high ceilings and characteristic old floors and doors. Or geometric, reduced, modern extensions and materials. The building type provides the foundation for the interior design. The building includes your living space, try to build on that and check early on whether the building structure suits you and whether you can create your living space in it.

Renovate your apartment and save construction costs in Basel

Number of people: Consider how many people will work or live in the apartment or office. This will determine the number of rooms or workstations required. Take into account family growth or company expansion.

Space requirements: What type and size of space do you need? For a suitable apartment, you should consider bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and possibly a home office or additional storage space. For office space, consider the space required for employees, meeting rooms, meeting areas and storage areas.

Calculation of living space: from 60m2 / 1-2 persons 1 bathroom

from 85m2 / 3-4 persons 2 bathrooms

from 120m2 / 5 persons 3 bathrooms

Calculation of office space: approx. 17m2 per employee


Calculation example: Office space 100 employees, rental price 250.-/m2

Area A: 1'700m2 x 250.-/m2 = 425'000.-

Area B: 2'000m2 x 250.-/m2 = 500'000.-

By identifying needs early on, the space can be used efficiently and 75,000.- can be saved in rental costs every year.

Remodel and renovate office space and save on investments.

Location: The location of the property is crucial. Consider whether you want to live or work near schools, workplaces, shops, public transport or other facilities. This can influence the size and price of the property. In principle, the more central, the more expensive. However, travel time and mobility purchases can be saved.

Condition and development of the property:

The condition and development of a property determines future investments in construction costs for conversions and renovations. To save costs when converting and renovating, pay attention to how much of the built-in features you can reuse and what condition they are in when looking at potential properties and apartments. Are the rooms big enough with enough bathrooms? Also pay attention to the building services that are not visible at first glance, such as water connections, sewage, sockets, light switches, ventilation, sun protection, heating and cooling. Installing a new kitchen or toilet is more efficient and cheaper if the connections are already there. Invest in your home that you can see and not in adjustments and construction costs that are hidden in walls and building services, unless they have to be.


View potential properties to get a better feel for the space available and to ensure the apartment or property meets your requirements. The right property size will depend on your individual circumstances and needs.

Interior designer Basel for conversions and renovations in Basel

Interior designers:

Get support as early as possible when weighing up your needs, evaluating properties and later when remodeling and renovating your home. You can consult us for your interior design project, for your interior design with furniture and color questions, or simply have us by your side as project support. We guarantee that you will not only save a lot of energy and money, but you will also reach your goal faster and be more satisfied with the result in the long term and in the long term.

By carefully weighing up the factors mentioned and thinking your decision through, you can save 30% of the investment in construction costs for conversion and renovation . We support you in converting and renovating apartments and properties in Basel.

Your interior design team from inbyko


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