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Redecorate your apartment

Furnishing your own home gives you the chance to rethink your living concept and the associated furnishings and design. New apartment - new opportunities and we'll support you.

Redecorate your apartment, redecorate your rental apartment and use cheap used furniture.

Furnishing a rental apartment

We promise you, we will find a beautiful living solution for every budget.

Have you just bought a new rental apartment and are currently on a tight budget but still want to furnish the entire rental apartment? We can do it!

Redecorate your apartment

Even if you currently only have a small budget, we will create a living concept for you so that you can buy bit by bit as soon as you have budget available again. This way you always follow your own plan and can furnish and design your rental apartment. This way you avoid making bad purchases.

Often, a joint meeting on site is enough to show you what options are available for your apartment.

Furnish your new apartment with the Ikea planner.

Ikea Planning

With Ikea furniture, we can present you with a wide range of great suggestions and solutions for a small budget within a short time or work them out together. Many Ikea furniture items are also available in stock, which makes Ikea planning a great advantage when redesigning and furnishing a rental apartment. We are very familiar with the Ikea planning systems and can plan and suggest furniture and systems from the Ikea furniture series. We often use the "Eket" Ikea furniture series or the "Billy" shelf, an Ikea cabinet system, in projects. We also like to use lights and mirrors in Ikea planning, which have a reduced and modern effect in the right context.

Ikea Planner

The Ikea planner is a modern tool for visualizing furniture in the living room. The Ikea planner can be very useful when it comes to furnishing your rental apartment and simply putting together the right furniture. However, the most modern tools are of no use without a holistic view and a balanced design concept with the focus on refurnishing the apartment. We will support you in furnishing your rental apartment and getting the most out of it in terms of design.

Furnishing a rental apartment, we support you with Ikea planning and used, high-quality but affordable furniture.

Find good quality furniture

An eye for the essentials and the ability to combine things are required when redecorating an apartment and using the right furniture. In addition to Ikea furniture, we use platforms for buying used furniture every day. This means we can use used and very high-quality furniture for ongoing projects without putting too much strain on the budget.

To furnish your rental apartment cheaply, you can rely entirely on using used furniture.

If you want to furnish your rental apartment, you can rely entirely on working with used furniture and thus refurbish an entire rental apartment on a small budget.

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