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Kitchen planning Basel

We are your partner in the planning, design and implementation of

# Kitchens Basel. Thanks to our holistic perspective, we can provide you with the best advice and support in professional kitchen planning.

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Kitchen planning Basel

Kitchens Basel

Today, the kitchen and the cooking associated with it takes on a social, communicative and even representative function. As a cooking area, the kitchen becomes the social centre of the house and living space.

In addition to the number of residents, the functional specifications, which are based on logical sequences of actions, are the basis of our planning. Storage, preparation, cooking and cleaning should, if possible, represent a natural and efficient sequence of movements. Depending on the individual lifestyle, the kitchen can be accessed separately or combined into a cooking and dining area. An important interface in professional kitchen planning is the design transition between the cooking and dining areas. Folding or sliding elements as room dividers can connect or disconnect the kitchen as required. They also represent a flexible solution for avoiding odors and at the same time offer privacy.

The trend towards greater openness and flexibility is also due to technical and economic progress. Modern appliances for preserving and preparing food, as well as changes in the supply structure, such as shop opening times and delivery services, are changing the cooking cultures and kitchens in Basel. The ergonomic and functional criteria are still the most important focus for professional kitchen planning for dream kitchens made to measure.

  1. Space creation and dimensions: When planning the floor plan and room division, the kitchen planning is defined very early on, with sizes and shapes. We plan and provide all the necessary connections such as water and electricity for flush-mounted installation.

  2. Functional layout: Optimizing efficient and pleasant work between the sink, stove and refrigerator and the associated work processes is the top priority for custom-made kitchens. We plan the functions in a work triangle to guarantee maximum utilization.

  3. Storage space: Sufficient storage space for dishes, cooking utensils, food and other kitchen items in the upper and lower cabinets. In addition, a separate storage room can be planned, which rounds off our kitchens from Basel.

  4. Work surfaces: When preparing food or baking, sufficient work surface is required. We take into account the ratio of the number of users and residents to the work surface.

  5. Lighting: The kitchen must be well lit to make working and cooking easier. We also plan additional lighting in niches and cupboards.

  6. Electrical appliances: Together we support you in choosing high-quality electrical appliances that meet your needs and requirements.

  7. Ergonomics: Ergonomic design is particularly important when it comes to working heights in order to avoid back strain and fatigue. We take the individual body sizes of the users into account and plan the kitchens to measure.

  8. Materials and aesthetics: We help you choose easy-care, durable and hygienic materials for worktops, flooring and cabinets. We make suggestions and take personal style into account, designing the kitchen to suit all needs and preferences.


Kitchen dimensions and Swiss kitchen standards

To simplify kitchen planning, online kitchen planning, efficient kitchen production and additional fittings such as appliances and fittings, two measurement systems have been developed:

The Swiss Kitchen Measurement System (SMS)

The European Kitchen Measurement System

Both kitchen dimensions and kitchen standards have advantages. All manufacturers of appliances and fittings offer suitable models for the respective kitchen standard when planning and producing custom-made kitchens. Many intermediate dimensions and special designs outside of the kitchen dimensions can now be realized. When planning kitchens, we use the Swiss kitchen standard together with the EU kitchen dimensions. This means that we can work with Swiss standard kitchens for professional kitchen planning without having to forego the variety of appliances and fittings from the EU.

For online kitchen planning , we have summarized the kitchen dimensions and Swiss kitchen standards as a planning aid and make them available online for professional kitchen planning.

Kitchen planning Basel, kitchen dimensions and Swiss kitchen standards

Kitchen shapes for kitchen planning Basel

Different room geometries, floor plans and requirements provide information about the kitchen shape and the associated kitchen dimensions. When planning the kitchen shape, we refer to the design ideas, the usage requirements, the spatial conditions, the position of the doors and windows and the house installations, such as water and electricity.

Kitchens Basel, kitchen planning online

The single-front kitchen is suitable as a work and living kitchen. This installation requires little floor space and enables short work processes. The building services, water and electricity must be available within the wall area.

The two-front kitchen is suitable for work kitchens where a lot of cooking is done. Lots of storage space and storage room thanks to the separate work and storage areas. The building services, water and electricity must be located within the wall area. The body opposite must be connected to electricity.

The kitchen island is suitable as a living and dining kitchen for communal cooking. This installation requires a lot of floor space, and the work processes are long and space-intensive. The building services, water and electricity must be available within the wall area and also be accessed from the floor for the island.

The L-shaped kitchen is suitable as a living-dining kitchen. This installation requires a lot of floor space, but allows short work processes around corners, with plenty of storage space. The building services, water and electricity must be available within the wall area.

The U-shaped kitchen is suitable as a living and dining kitchen. This installation requires a lot of floor space, but allows for short work processes, with plenty of work and storage space. The building services, water and electricity must be available within the wall area.

Kitchens Basel – Your interior design team from inbyko

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