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Bathroom renovation

Remodel bathroom and renovate toilet

We at inbyko can get the most out of your bathroom.

When remodeling your bathroom or renovating your toilet, we make sure to only do what really needs to be done. True to the motto: what we don't do doesn't cost anything.

Remodel your bathroom inexpensively?

The key to saving money when remodeling or renovating a bathroom is competent professional planning and coordination. Invest in planning, look ahead and save costs when implementing it. The right choice of products and materials guarantees a cost-optimized and sustainable project when renovating a toilet or remodeling a bathroom.

Renovate a new bathroom - effectively

You decide what you need in your bathroom. Together we determine what can still be used and what should be refreshed or renewed. We will design a concept for your new bathroom that covers all your needs and fits your budget. We are your partner for effective bathroom renovation.

How much does a bathroom renovation cost?
You can join from 15,000 CHF.
Depending on condition, size and expansion.

Please give another example:

Bathroom renovation and conversion

Renovation and conversion of bathroom and toilet

Bathroom renovation and toilet renovation

We support you with all questions about bathroom renovation and bathroom conversion, including shower, toilet and guest toilet. Our goal is to create a new bathroom as a wellness oasis for you with as few interventions as possible, but with all the necessary interventions.

We have experience in the conversion and renovation of existing buildings.

This means we can tell you which products are suitable for your needs and budget, from mirror cabinets to sink faucets to shower curtain rods. In the Basel area, we know the companies and suppliers with whom we can guarantee that you will be satisfied with the workmanship and quality.

We at inbyko are your partner for your bathroom renovation.

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