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Architect and interior designer

What is the difference between architects and interior designers?

Both are responsible for the planning of buildings, their use and their design. Architects and interior designers in Switzerland share many similarities in their professions.

How do interior designers work?

Your house, building or apartment consists of two essential architectural building blocks. Depending on the requirements of the project and the needs of the client, an architect or interior designer is required to successfully implement changes, extensions or a new use. Architect or interior designer, each has their own area of responsibility and skills in construction and architecture.

What is the difference between architects and interior designers?

Architects concentrate on urban planning, the structural construction of buildings with facades and roofs .

The interior designers concentrate on the spatial structuring, utilization and design of the interior spaces.

Architects and interior designers use their creative skills to create aesthetically pleasing and functional work, residential or industrial buildings that meet the needs of their clients. They work closely with their clients to understand their ideas, needs and budgets and incorporate them into the planning.

Both architects and interior designers have a solid technical knowledge of building codes, construction techniques, materials and project processes. They must consider structural and technical aspects to ensure that their designs are safe, functional and sustainable. In addition, they often work with a team of other professionals, such as structural engineers, contractors and tradespeople, to successfully implement the design. This close collaboration and the many overlaps in roles and responsibilities show that, despite their specific focuses in their professions, architects and interior designers are closely connected when it comes to the design and planning of buildings.

Holistic interior projects by inbyko interior design

What does an interior designer do?

We are your contact for all questions and projects regarding interior design and interior space.

When is it worth hiring an interior designer?

  • Holistic interior projects

  • Remodeling, extending or renewing room structures, walls, floors, ceilings and doors

  • and built-ins, kitchens, bathrooms, stairs, cupboards

  • Using and designing the interior

  • Furniture, furnishing and decorating apartments and houses with colours and materials

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