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3D visualizations

Interior design visualization

These modern computer techniques help us to truly understand the environment, space and plan before we implement and build our project. 3D visualization and interior design visualization allow the client to better understand the effect of the geometries, proportions, colors and materials within the space. This gives the client and ourselves a better idea of how the finished interior design project will look and function.

3D visualizations interior design and room design

3D views of the interior

We design and visualize our 3D views of the interior using various computer programs. These include modeling programs and image processing programs such as Vectorworks and Photoshop. We work with volumes and bodies, which are provided with materials, colors and structures. This makes it possible to create expressive rooms, fittings and interior furnishings in a short time and present them in 3D visualizations. Thanks to our experience, we can draw on a large library of items and objects, such as fittings, people, light, etc. and incorporate these into the 3D visualizations. We can give each object in the 3D visualizations a texture and a material in order to change the surface and thus the appearance of the entire room. With light and shadow in the room, we simulate the effect of depth and a realistic perception of the interior design visualizations or the 3D views.

How much does a 3D interior design visualization cost?

How much does a 3D visualization cost?

It depends on the complexity of the interior design visualization. The price of a visualization can be between 1,000 CHF and 5,000 CHF. Basically, the more realistic the visualization, the greater the effort required to create the 3D views of the interior.

Simple visualizations are already very meaningful

We often create volume models for our customers and add color and materials to them. This process can be very helpful in decision-making and planning for interior design or room design. With a simple interior design visualization, the construction, the height and depth in the room can be very well illustrated and understood. The basic idea can be visualized as a basis, variants of it can be shown and decisions can be carefully considered and made sustainably.

Visualization and 3D views in the interior and interior design

We offer support in planning with visualizations
You can get advice and support from us with planning or simply get a few tips and advice for your room design. We assure you that you will not only save a lot of money and time, you will reach your goal faster and be more satisfied with the result in the long term.

Our services

  • Interior design visualizations and space design of interiors

  • 3D visualizations for products and furniture in the room

  • Usage concepts for large floor plans and rooms

  • Color and wallpaper visualization on walls

  • Visualize interior design and kitchen

  • 3D views

3D views of the interior, floor plan planning

We are happy to support you with ideas for your project. Based on your ideas, we can develop and show you variants so that you can use them to make decisions for your project or room design.

Your interior design visualization team from inbyko


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