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The elegant and understated one in the bathroom. The bath towel holder ensures order in peace. Minimalistic and high-quality in stainless steel.

Ideas for the bathroom

The aim of the reliable bath towel holder is to make life easier for long-distance swimmers and warm showerers. It's no wonder that its well-shaped exterior makes the hearts of design fans beat faster. Regardless of how much time you spend in the bathroom, no one can do without a dry and fluffy bath towel. On the shelf and above the door handle, it gets in the way. The design offers space for hanging up, is neatly stowed away and yet within easy reach.

Chic in the bathroom

The designer piece unfolds its full charm in the bathroom. Towels, bath towels and guest towels are neatly hung up and are eye-catching and can dry well. If they lie around, they disturb the order. Lovers of pretty things get their money's worth with the well thought-out design language and enjoy the visual calm.

Matching the interior design style

The elegant accessory is available in stainless steel. Depending on the color of the fittings and door handles, the bath towel holder adapts to any interior style. Whether classic or modern - it harmonizes with understated pieces of furniture just as it appreciates eye-catching designer furniture. The material is corrosion-resistant, durable and easy to clean. Anyone who chooses this high-quality piece can enjoy it for a long time.

Balanced proportions

The balanced proportions guarantee high stability. Nothing will cause the holder to fall over so quickly. If things get hectic in the bathroom, it will forgive small bumps without falling over. The well-thought-out appearance is also a feast for the eyes and ensures that you can't get enough of this designer piece.

Original gift idea

There are many places where lamana can show its strengths. From the small bathing oasis to the sauna area, the accessory is an elegant companion. The utensil likes to spend time in guest toilets, bathrooms and wellness temples. Due to its versatility, the holder is an original gift idea for housewarmings and birthdays, as well as a nice little treat for in between. Even people who already have everything will be happy with the well-thought-out utensil.

Towel holder

  • 910 x 470 x 200mm (HxWxD) stainless steel

    Bath towel size up to 700 x 1400mm (LxW, folded)

    excl. towel

    Designed/Manufactured in Basel, Switzerland

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