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The light and elegant pleated skirt as a side table in the living room.

Lightly floating and minimalist

The small side table fits well into modern interior designs. The well-known materialization of corrugated cardboard gives it an industrial and sustainable character, which is rounded off by the flat surface. As a side table in the living room or lobby, the object becomes an eye-catcher. Reduced to its values and composition, made of steel and cardboard, it can be optimally recycled and returned to the cycle.

Perfect proportions rounded off down to the last detail. A masterpiece in a class of its own. Function and materialization are in harmony with people and the environment. A minimum of material and plenty of air, which leads to even more lightness of the construction. By using existing materials and geometries, a solid and functional construction has been created that also impresses in new environments.

Side table

  • 400 x 400mm (HxW)

    Steel Grey-green / Cardboard

    Designed/Manufactured in Basel, Switzerland

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