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Dry baby bottles hygienically. The stainless steel draining rack in a high-quality design, for parents and their daily challenges.

Cleaning and caring for baby bottles

Baby bottles should always be thoroughly cleaned and dried before being used again to avoid the build-up of bacteria. A good way to dry baby bottles after cleaning is on a draining rack or bottle dryer. We were disappointed when we looked for a drying rack suitable for baby bottles. Baby bottles are used every day and are often left lying around. There was no solution that was attractive and functional. Plus, everything is made of plastic and colored like a rainbow.

We would like to offer all parents with babies a solution for drying baby bottles.

The draining rack from inbyko has space for 5-8 baby bottles. The draining rack consists of two parts. An upper part, with cutouts in a honeycomb pattern, for a secure stand for baby bottles and other drinking bottles. And a lower part, a collecting tray for water drops and water residue that flows downwards. High-quality, durable and discreet in stainless steel. The draining rack can be easily taken apart and cleaned with soap. Of course 100% Swiss made.

We have thought about what a

are particularly suitable. A draining rack should ideally be made of stainless steel because it is hygienic, durable and easy to clean. A draining rack from inbyko offers space for 5-8 baby bottles.

Baby bottle dryer

  • 500 x 120mm (LxW) stainless steel

    Designed/Manufactured in Basel, Switzerland

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