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Simple elegance for a relaxed atmosphere.

The motiki lamp illuminates your rooms

The simple, organic design fits perfectly into a modern interior. It is suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, hallways and similar rooms where you are looking for atmospheric lighting.

The spherical head of the designer lamp is made of opal glass. Thanks to its milky white color, this ensures that the light is evenly and discreetly distributed. The diffuse light cone is similar in its effect to indirect lighting and gives the room a soft ambience in which you can sit back and relax. Despite sufficient brightness, this creates a relaxed atmosphere that combines timeless elegance with functional requirements.

The base of the table lamp complements the opal glass ball in its organic form. The elegantly curved steel tube not only protects the cable, but also gives your lamp a secure stand. The support surface keeps the center of gravity close to the table and the spiral design counteracts shocks, so that you can enjoy your new lighting in the living room, bedroom or hallway for a long time, even with occasional shocks. The overall round shape means that the design radiates calm and down-to-earthness, thus supporting a pleasant atmosphere throughout the room.

The satin finish of the lamp base complements the understated look. The light, which is refracted many times through the opal glass, gives the grey a slight shimmer without causing any shine or reflections. This means that your new lamp remains an unobtrusive addition to your interior, even when switched on.

Thanks to the long cable, you can set up the table lamp almost anywhere. A low side table is just as suitable as a classic chest of drawers or high shelves. You can choose the perfect place for your lighting and usually still reach the right socket without annoying extension cables.

The designer lamp is versatile and always stays discreetly in the background. The muted colors harmonize with the soft lighting and give your rooms their own, unmistakable flair.

In the living room, the lamp is the perfect accessory for cozy hours after work. The diffuse light gives you the opportunity to sit back, put your feet up and forget about everyday life.

As lighting in the bedroom, it accompanies you relaxed into the night in the evening and calmly into the new day in the morning. The pleasant lighting conditions support evening relaxation and a gentle start to the day in the morning.

In hallways and adjoining rooms, the design blends discreetly into the background. The lighting conditions are pleasant for the eyes, but at the same time allow you to see the surroundings clearly. Bring a feeling of slowing down into your home with simple elegance!

table lamp

  • 350 x 130mm (HxW) steel / opal glass

    Light source: LED380lm

    Cable length: 2.5m

    Designed/Manufactured in Basel, Switzerland

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