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The metal draining rack in black - Swissmade. Dry bottles, cups and glasses comfortably. The gadget for modern and elegant kitchens in everyday use.

Black kitchen, black metal draining rack

To match modern and reduced kitchens, we have thought of something new.

The black draining rack can be placed directly over the sink. The cups and glasses placed on it can drip directly into the sink below. This means the draining rack can be stowed away again after use.

Black kitchen covers literally swallow up the black draining rack. The draining rack blends discreetly into the surface and is hardly noticeable. The draining rack, however, offers the full scope. Glasses and cups can be placed down and dried in the meantime. In modern and Nordic kitchens with white natural stone, the draining rack is a real eye-catcher.

Drip tray black

  • 500 x 120mm (LxW) in black

    Designed/Manufactured in Basel, Switzerland

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